Jun. 8th, 2008

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Tried to relay the wedding to LJ through twitter, but two things went wrong.

First, LoudTwitter never kicked in.

Second, twitter dropped all my posts from Friday night to Saturday afternoon.

Hats bad, because I want to remember what it was like before the social phobia kicked in.
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The important thing is that the ceremony went off without a hitch, and quickly. It was outdoors, and many people were wearing black, but the ceremony was barely ten minutes. It might have been just five minutes. There was a short speech by the ornately-dressed lady, I handed my brother the ring, and the maid of honor handed the bride another ring, and they swapped. The ornately-dressed lady whose title I never learned, exercised the power vested in her by the state of Arizona. They kissed, they walked indoors, the rest of us followed, and champagne was poured.

The couple were considered heroes by everyone for keeping the ceremony so short. I don't know whether the praise was motivated by a desire to get out of the heat, or by a distaste for long ceremonies.

Wacky sitcom hijinks did not ensue. I never came close to losing the marriage license or the ring. I didn't see any open weeping, and for that matter, I didn't see any shoving when the bride threw the bouquet. Granted, there were hijinks, but most of them were due to tricky logistic maneuvers: things and people were moving from room to room, etc. Nothing at risk, and not very fitting of the three-camera format.

The "honeymoon suite" probably deserves a post in and of itself. It was basically a three-bedroom house with mints on the pillows. That meant I stayed in one of the smaller bedrooms, and my brother stayed in the master bedroom. It had real cable, so I was able to catch Battlestar Galactica. But the weird thing about it was that the master bedroom had no doors. It was up on the hill, so you could see the city all the way out to South Mountain. Also, to leave, a driver has to drive downhill in reverse for about 300 yards. Frightening even when the driver is sober.

Pretty good deal, and I got to spend two nights at a RESORT. Well, amazing as it was, I was too busy tending the wedding to explore it and really take advantage of it, but I did get to go tubing down a long concrete river.

The couple have been dating for seven years, and his new wife has been part of our family for years. So in the grand scheme of things, very little has changed. This weekend has almost been more for the rest of us than for them.
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Generalization is how people who know next to nothing, can pretend to know almost everything.

Pardon me, let me rephrase that.

Generalization is how I, in situations where I know next to nothing, have pretended to know what I thought I was expected to know.

But, having rephrased that, i also have to add that it's also how I pretend that other people are more predictable, and thus weaker, than me, when the opposite is true.


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