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Hey, did you know there's a balm that will remove your tattoos, so you don't have to get expensive laser treatment?

Funny how I heard about this remarkable product on Internet radio, and not in some visual medium where its use could be demonstrated visually. But before-after pics are so easily faked, aren't they?

But the most remarkable thing about this product is that they're offering a free 60-day supply! I guess they only make money off the people who have more than 60 days worth of tattoos to remove.
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This morning on the Adam Carolla Show, Isaac Hayes did a phone interview.

It was kind of a trainwreck. I don't have time to break it all down, but I think it might have been better if they knew in advance that he was still recovering from a stroke.

I'd go further to say that if it weren't for the Scientology controversy, the stroke would have caused him to quit South Park. I don't think he could voice act anymore.


Dec. 12th, 2007 01:11 pm
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Adam Carolla was sick today, so Danny Bonaduce took over his morning show. And at some point, he gave his phone number out over the air, quite deliberately. As in, they dumped the delay the first time he said it, and they told him it was OK if they left it in, and then he said it again.

So, which is worse: this, or the time Penn Jillette accidentally gave out the password to the show's gmail account, and the dump guy didn't notice at all? (The same dump guy who thought you couldn't say "a monkey bit off my nipple" on the radio.)
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FreeFM going away? They're running a stunt format called "Free Paris", where a flaming intern has locked himself in the studio and is playing nothing but Paris Hilton songs until they free Paris. yow. I keep hoping some radio station will buy the rights to KSTD's format from Lore Sjöberg.

But I thought Adam Carolla was doing OK in this town. And Tom Laryngitis has a fanatical brainwashed following, how could you give that up? Well, whatever.

Big O and Dukes has a 7-day countdown on their page, so I imagine they found work elsewhere quickly. They're professional radio padding, it seems. Nothing really notable, they just move into a new city, work 18 months as the token local show, and then move to the next ailing station.
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On the radio, Gene Simmons just pointed out that observation is the best teacher, not experience, as most people think.

He said this to explain why he didn't drink, and watching other people get bombed seems to be a common theme among those who've never tasted alcohol.

But I wonder if this philosophy might be helpful in other ways. It certainly matches the way I've avoided seeing bad movies for a long time. I hear people complain about them, and I can't shake the feeling that they should have known better than to go pay to see them.
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Anime got a rare mainstream media mention on Adam Carolla's talk show.

If you visit Adam's podcast page today, you'll see that segment, titled "Is Anime Sexy?" Apparently, Danny Bonaduce's daughter is a big otaku. And because of that, a big chunk of the segment is about his domestic difficulties, but it gets back into anime porn at about the 10:25 mark. Danny mishears "hentai" as "hand-tie".

Adam's take: he didn't like it at first; it was too abrasive to his senses... until he saw one with lots of big jugs, and then he turned the corner.

Might I say I really miss Dave Dameshek, for since he left, Adam's show has had no nerd representation. He almost had a show on KZON here in Phoenix, but they gave up on him after two weekends, and never gave him a chance, and that David Caruso game he did on his last name sounded like it would have been a lot of fun.
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KZON has hired Dave Dameshek, formerly of the Adam Carolla show, for a weekend show from 12noon to 2pm. He did the sports and the weekly Jerk List, and was also the show's only geeklike presence, with his Star Wars undertones.

He amps up his Midwestern accent for the show, hailing originally from Pittsburgh. With that in mind, I'll give five dollars to anyone who calls into his show and manages to say "jorb" on the air. This can be independently verified through the unofficial podcast.

When I was growing up, my dad used to add the same R to the word "wash" which I found hilarious. He had traces of Illinois in his voice even though he mostly grew up in Florida.
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What I like most about Adam Carolla's morning show is that it's not like those other morning shows...
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In early 2006, Penn Jillette used his radio show to tell us about the time he suffered a bunch of bee stings during a TV special, resulting in the skin coming off his scrotum the following day. It was a brutal story. I'd link to it if I could only remember which day it was.

It was at this point he mentioned another story in his repetoire, which he referred to only as "the Blow Dryer Story," which, he claims, makes the bee sting story sound like a fairy tale. Apparently, it is a story that is so special, it would have to wait until 2007.

Well, 2007 is here, and tomorrow is the anniversary of the first show, he is packing as many witnesses into the studio as he can, and telling the blow dryer story. And you can listen to it, noon MST, on January 3, online. Gather your friends in the cubicle and grab some cupcakes.
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For those of you who heard about Penn & Teller's video game, Smoke and Mirrors, Penn talked about it on his radio show a month ago.  Listen here.  His co-host seems to have done all his research in the Something Awful forums, and Penn provides a few new details about the game.  It turns out Desert Bus was designed to appease Janet Reno, as crusades against violent video games were a popular hobby for Democrats too.  He also listed some of the tricks, magic and otherwise, you were supposed to be able to perform with the game, and the principles behind them.  But not quite enough to replace the manual, which is still lost to history.
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I'm hooked on Loveline reruns.

I think I've been listening to them too much, in fact. It's just too fascinating listening to the hosts suss out callers so consistently. Realizing how predictable human behavior really is, makes me all the more ashamed that I'm so bad at predicting it myself.

On the other hand, it took Adam and Dr. Drew years of phone calls to be able to read the voices of callers the way they do, not to mention the additional decade of life experience Adam has, and the medical and psychological training Drew has, that give them the ability to not only spot problems, but find solutions. And their most common advice is either "get into therapy" or "get into a twelve-step," which have the common element of external help from other human beings, for the specific reason that self-diagnosis is dangerous, and people who are in trouble need the guidance of people who aren't in as much trouble.

Because people routinely fool themselves about themselves.


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