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I turned on PBS, there's a Frontline special about sex slavery in Afghanistan. Impoverished families are selling young boys to rich people, essentially. Authorities are uncooperative, and disobedient boys are often beaten and killed.

I've caught only the last 15 minutes. When they interviewed the family of one boy who had been murdered, and the mother was wearing a burqa. That's the cherry on top of a real shit sundae.

Holy shit, am I ever thankful to live in America.

Jay Leno

Dec. 8th, 2008 10:03 pm
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In most of the country, we'll soon be seeing Jay Leno at 10PM.

Which means in Arizona we'll see him at 9PM.

The article explains how the math works out: why buy five dramas at $3 million per episode for 24 weeks, when you can run this show all five nights, for less than that per week, for 46 weeks?

It's business news like this that make me think that there's a lot of fat this country is going to burn, before we start burning the muscle.
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When you heard of the 8-year-old who "confessed" to a double-murder, and searching your mind's eye for a default image of an eight-year-old, did any of you immediately think of Lisa Simpson? Because I sure can't name anyone else who's eight years old. Oh, wait -- the kid from Home Alone was 8 when he battled those robbers in that giant house.

In both cases, Hollywood has conditioned me to severely overestimate the cleverness of children.
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Once again, the best news source: the Doo-Dah News Ticker. Now more than ever during election seasno.

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Your news ticket for headlines that can be sung to the tune of Camptown Races.


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