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new year's eve was pretty good. people were mostly good, but I recognized someone I hadn't seen in years who refused to remind me of her name, and the music was a bit loud. but I got home ok thanks to lyft and the light rail.

I still haven't really processed the loss of my bike. I really have only myself to blame for leaving it outside. I should have bought a garage door opener a long time ago so I wouldn't do that. and I'll have to buy one before I buy a new bike.

i'm having a hard time convincing myself that my life isn't in the midst of a complete catastrophic failure. with the loss of that bike and the $50 on the same day essentially, and of course various broken electronics I'll have to just throw away now... the prospect of having to pull money out of my 401(k) to stay afloat for a while... my inability to keep things straight in my house.

I spent the last half hour bouncing from room to room looking for better places to keep the various cluttery items I have floating around.... I could have sworn I had a small box dedicated to USB cables exclusively. I think I found it and it's full of very old USB 1.0 cables, not the MicroUSB and MiniUSB ones I need the most now... and other stuff made it into that box.

i let the robot vacuum do its job.

the cats... i bought them grain-free food like the vet said. but I didn't mix it into their existing food like everyone else said. and they hate it. so I've been dumping cannedfood over it. from the 7-eleven. $1 a can. bought more on amazon.com...

it's so hard to make myself do things. i'm still not sure i'll ever get better.