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i interviewed at the 3300 tower today. It was like a proper grown-up office-type place.

My confidence is kind of eroding here... I have an interview on Wednesday for a position at ASU, but judging from all the preparation they want from me, I think I might be underqualified.

maybe i should find some more junior positions...
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The job interview went well. Just my luck I'll get the job with the 71-minute commute.

ASU called me back for another one but I don't think it's much of a fit...

should call Larry and ask what the deal is with Limelight...
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well, my next interview is at a place that will take me 71 minutes to get to by bus, including a half-mile walk from the bus stop. And the amount of bravery it would take for me to hold out for a Tempe job has increased, because if I get an offer and turn it down I have to tell the unemployment people I turned down work. what have I done?
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I have two job interviews on Friday, and one on Monday, and a fourth company that wants to schedule one soon. My brain is full of literally can't even.
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I'm on my way into the office to see what kind of separation package I got by throwing myself at the mercy of the corporate overlords.

if I make it back home with any energy, I'm going to call that lady from SMCI back, and try to get a good PDF version of my résumé.


Sep. 24th, 2013 06:58 am
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waking up keeps getting harder.

I made another mistake yesterday and I'm not sure whether it's a no-big-deal one or a career-ender.
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My boss is running out of ways to not fire me.  No outbursts but the other minor mistakes I've been making have been adding up, and my abiliity to collaborate with others is constantly in question.

i might not be able to fix myself in time.

what do i do when the axe falls? are there still jobs? do i get unemployment if I'm terminated?  can I spend my 401(k) on my mortgage?  how un-shitty do my paintings have to be before I can sell them at any price?

i better switch my cable off.
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had a dream that I up and moved to a new, but much crappier and cheaper apartment. Somehow moving wasn't so hard.

but then i realized before work one morning that in moving out I had broken my lease with this place nine months early.

This is significant because I just got notified that I'm moving on to round 2 of a job interview for reddit.com. I'd have to move to California if I took it, and as it so happens, I have about seven months left on my lease.

what was I thinking?
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ok, I'm once again setting the short-term goal of learning C#, at least learning one book's worth of it.

But this time I have a friend who'll put in a good word at Microsoft.

And maybe I was a bit hasty for thumbing my nose at MS in the past...
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OK, 3 days down, only 7 more to go.

I wish I were more patient. Because it's not the trainee's fault that the material is so confusing.
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Is it normal for an office building to completely break down a month before you move out of it?

In the last two weeks, the air conditioning went out of the kitchen, both soda machines now have "Out of Order" signs on them, and two out of the three microwaves are also dead.

Also, over the weekend, a pipe burst and many offices got flooded. Most of the real deamage was confined to one office.


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