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In other possible programming project news, visiting http://www.sissyfight.com/ reveals that Sissyfight 2000 is no longer online.

I see a powerpoint design for sissyfight 3000 here: http://www.slideserve.com/allegra/sissyfight-3000

maybe I'll finally program it on the MOO one day.

I'm not very good at budgeting my time.
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I checked to see if pruane2forever got the braces off or if his voice changed; no such luck.
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I was in Target a couple of weeks ago, and noticed a lot of Halloween-themed decorations hanging throughout the store, featuring Domo-kun.

Remember Domo-kun? Many of you first saw him in that "God kills a kitten" picture that was floating around the webs, years before LOLcats were invented. If you were ever nerdy enough to investigate further, you'd have noticed that he's a mascot for NHK, a television station in Japan. So, what's a mascot for a Japanese TV station doing at Target?

if Wikipedia is to be believed, he's been scheduled to appear on Nickelodeon this year as well.

It occurs to me that in fourteen months, we'll be starting a new decade, and Michael Ian Black will be handed a Domo-kun from offscreen, and say something banal about it in front of a chromakey.
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I think I have more celebrities on my Twitter list than friends.

But, a few minor celebrities have responded to me: Lore Sjoberg, Martin Sargent, and the Mars Phoenix rover. Yes, I got a tweet from a robot on another planet.

And Greg Behrendt actually sent me an @-response unsolicited.

But today, I found out John Cleese has not only a twitter account, and that video interview about Sarah Palin, but also a rather extensive web presence.

And in more mundane news, a lot of people I don't recognize are following me. And that was even before I started trolling the election topics.

PG Porn

Oct. 11th, 2008 10:59 am
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If you're lucky, the premercial for Nailing Your Wife featuring Nathan Fillion will be the Old Spice commercial featuring Neil Patrick Harris.

My favorite little touch is the occasional ribbon of static that indicates a worn VHS tape.


Oct. 10th, 2008 04:07 pm
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Twitter listed "ACORN" as a hot political topic. I still don't know why, but I created the tinyURL http://tinyurl.com/acorn08 -- it leads to an acorn flour recipe that was on BoingBoing this week.

I linked to the BoingBoing post itself, instead of the recipe it linked to. I wonder if that's good or bad, because a lot of angry folks are going to click that link.


Aug. 1st, 2008 01:49 pm
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Why did it take me so long to find Angry Video Game Nerd?

This is like Seanbaby's old NES page, but in video form, and also, the stuff he reviews is physically present, and not just emulated.

It makes me glad that we rented all our NES games instead of buying them. Because I remember playing a lot of the games he reviews. Fester's Quest, Back to the Future, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name a few.

Main complaint: occasional surprise guest appearances by human feces. Yeah, I know it's fake, but it's still disgusting. And I'm not easily disgusted.


Jul. 19th, 2008 07:50 pm
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Nico Nico Douga reminds me of dotsub.

Both are for user-contributed video, with other-user-contributed subtitles.

But NND has an ignorable EULA and a hands-off approach to copyright enfortcement and quality control alike. So there's lots of content, and lots of comment. There are two full-length South Park episodes in English, with a complete set of user-contributed subtitles.

Dotsub makes you qualify to become a translator, and makes you declare the copyright status of everything you upload. As a result, there's nothing there, or there was last time I checked, which was ages ago.
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There's unbibium in them thar hills!

Yes, they might have found a stable superheavy element in nature, in trace amounts.

I was trying to tell a friend about this on IM, but when I pasted in the link, I noticed a youtube link came out instead, because I ctrl-V'd when I should have ctrl-C'd. It's a bad year to mention something revolutionary and accidentally send an unrelated youtube link. It wasn't a rickroll; it was a Clerks reenactment I was sending to someone else on Facebook. But it could easily have been.
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Once again, the best news source: the Doo-Dah News Ticker. Now more than ever during election seasno.

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So the /b/tards are protesting Scientology today. And there are posts all over 4chan's /b/ complaining that they're drawing unwanted media attention to the chans, and are ruining the protest with nonsensical memes, i.e. the inside jokes that /b/tards base a lot of their humor on.

I knew it was futile to expect them to keep memes out of the protests. Why? Because the purpose of a meme, in the classic sense of the word, is not to be funny, it is to spread. And what better place for a meme to spread than in a large public protest? Sure enough, you can see them everywhere in the live video shot in London. In this one, I recognized "DO NOT WANT", a rickroll, and "IT'S A TRAP", and "you just lost the game", though the sound quality makes it hard to hear anything.

This may actually be good news for their cause, because as long as the message about Scientology stays constant and strong, then the ancillary memes will just serve as additional hooks in the minds of passers-by, that all link back to the scientology message. Kind of like when you saw that "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" video, and you kept seeing things you saw in the video later.

But their effectiveness could also be bad news, on the premise that there's no such thing as bad PR, and this whole thing might end up actually promoting Scientology more than anything.

But it's good entertainment, regardless.
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From The 5 Most Annoying Banner Ads On The Internet
Worse, they're targeting the most annoying demographic on the planet: the "I only watch it for the ads" vacuum-headed smirkers. This is a public service announcement: SAYING YOU DO NOT LIKE SOMETHING POPULAR DOES NOT MAKE YOU INDIVIDUAL AND EDGY. It makes you dumbass- at least the unoriginal hooting herd enjoy the damn game. You're being equally unoriginal, dumber, and deliberately spending time to point out how you don't like it. Do you think a monkey that repeatedly eats stones and complains about it is the "cool, unique" monkey in among his friends? No, he's the stupid one even in a group whose main hobbies are masturbating in public and throwing shit at each other
The article is an "Americans are dumb and this is proof" rant that I usually don't approve of, but for the past several years, excluding this one, [livejournal.com profile] t_h_e_m has been hosting "commercial-watching" parties during the Super Bowl, even though a lot of people really do follow the game. We then voted on te winners, and those of us who didn't follow the game at least had each other to hang out around.

But the first part of the article is right: TV ads are the part of the program we skip on our TiVo, and until digital downloads came around, they were the only way to pay for the part of the programming we care about. Ad-worship is more than a little perverse. It's like a Stockholm Syndrome for consumers. Commercials are not our friends.
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(   ゜д゜)

The above was not copied and pasted. I typed it. It's not original at all; in fact, 50% of Shift-JIS art is cats freaking out.

I've done character-based art early in my life for BBSes. Here's how it's generally worked in the past. For both the Commodore 64 and Atari 8-bit, I usually had to use some kind of public domain screen editor to save the work, but typing the special characters and changing colors was always the same as what the OS provided, and it was always a single keystroke with maybe a Shift or Ctrl key along with it.

Now, in the year 2007, on a PC, to type Shift-JIS art, you don't get color, or inverse video, or even an assurance that anyone outside of Japan will have the right font installed for anything to show up, much less line up correctly. And typing practically anything takes multiple keystrokes.

You know that Cyrillic letter that makes up the cat's mouth? I got that by typing "roshia", pressing SPACE, then the down-arrow, and then finding the right letter in the list that resulted. This is PROGRESS!

And I have no idea how to do it on a Mac yet. Probably totally different.

Either there are more sophisticated ways to do it, or Japanese Shift-JIS artists are really, really dilligent.

Penn Says

Jan. 10th, 2008 05:10 pm
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Penn's back! Kinda. A small video blog series. Not as good as the radio show, but one of the things I liked most about the radio show was how Penn always had something to say about current events that was 90 degrees off center.

The first one I saw: MAGIC UNDERWEAR!. (It's a little snarky about religion, but don't worry; he agrees with the Pope.)

But, the radio show had the advantage that if he wanted to talk about something he didn't know about, like for example gangs in LA, eventually someone would call in and fill in the blanks or correct him, and often times it would be an expert on the subject with a lot to say. We don't have that here.
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You know that Mario clone video where the level looks like World 1-1 but everything's a trap?

On this 4-ch post about the game, there's a link to the video, a link to the downloadable version of the game, and a complete list of all the Japanese text in the game, i.e. the taunts that appear next to an enemy when it kills you.

It's only a matter of time before someone translates it all. Maybe they'll submit subtitled versions to dotsub.

Oh, also: there's still time to vote for 4-ch's game of the year 2007.
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This is certainly the best movie I've ever seen with ASCII art in it. (Monar should have had a bigger part!) But if anyone at all finds the two main characters believable, you've got some explaining to do. Maybe it's different in Japan, and maybe the brand of geek I hang out with is of a higher tier of social awareness than that guy. And they make sense in the Romantic Comedy Universe.

One thing that does work in the real universe is how the drunk guy on the train doesn't get confronted by anyone else on the train, and the answer was that Japanese people keep to themselves. That's the one thing that did ring true; countless psychological experiments (and a Dateline episode or two) establish that people in crowds are less prone to heroism, because everyone secretly hopes someone else will be the hero. I wonder how much of Tokyo's culture, and inner city culture throughout the world, is just a result of being in a crowd all the time. It makes the feat of confronting him all that much more extraordinary, and certainly Train Man's stuttery behavior seems natural for someone who's found himself in way over his head.

But, Train Man surprised me by never getting out of stammering mode. At first I didn't buy this, but then I remembered what I was like when I was 21 and attempting to date. I was just as over-apologetic, and stilted, and even self-deprecating. None of the side-splitting wit I'd been famous for online showed through.

Thus, Hermess (the woman) surprised me by cutting him a superhuman level of slack. Is the "friend zone" some unique American tradition that Japanese women don't have as an option? Or was there some chemistry going on that I wasn't tuned into? She gives him more slack than any woman I've ever met has given me, because she meets him way more than halfway. This must be where the movie spends its dramatic license as a romantic comedy. Indeed, this movie is just like an American romantic comedy, but without the Baxter.

The "battlefield manga guys" cutaways, and the commentary also, promote some emerging Japanese ideal that relationships, sex, and all the temptation of the "real world", are only a distraction from anime, manga, and the more important "fantasy world", and the commentary even draws the parallel between otaku and monks. Monks just live in a different kind of fantasy world.

Mostly, I kept comparing the anonymous posters of the mild-mannered text BBS 2ch to what I've read so far on 4chan. The movie depicts Anonymous as a handful of individuals, just like they are in real life, though perhaps not such a small and consistent group of them. But an American Anonymous would have probably been influenced by 4chan and Fox 11, depicted as a single green-faced man in a black suit, spouting all the opinions and advice like a single guy with multiple personalities, and every poignant thing he said would have been followed immediately by "STICK IT IN HER POOPER". For all I know, that's how it went down on 2ch, and the spam and racial slurs and other crap was filtered from the movie, to avoid killing the dramatic buzz and maintain sympathy for the protagonist.

I do think [livejournal.com profile] t_h_e_m needs to screen it once. I've heard a lot of random-sounding Japanese titles being flung across the dinner table, and "Densha Otoko" isn't one of them. It'll certainly provoke some discussion.
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Work usually slows down here as the new year approaches. Not this year. I'm doing some serious work over here.

Channel4 is just so much more pleasant than 4chan. I think I'll stay home from the parties all weekend and read it ionstead.
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In this week's diggnation, Kevin and Alex call shenanigans on Tay Zonday, citing as evidence that his youtube profile was too well-produced and the photos too carefully posed to have really been an amateur effort, and the whole point was to get something viral on the web like lonelygirl15.

so, wait... all this for a new Dr. Pepper variation? I don't think so. Too much effort to have kept the secret long for such a minor product. It's been seven months, someone would have figured it out and traced the corporate affiliation back like the old Buddy Lee virals.

But it's a sad statement that every time something gets big, we have to wrap it in a conspiracy theory.

Hey, remember Super Greg?
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The Thnikka man is the one part of the H*R mythos I never bought into. He is not worthy of his own Decemberween cartoon.

I'd have called this a total bust, were it not for the Bells of Homsar easter egg when you click "dang" at the end.
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What's your experience, if any, with 4chan?

Be sure to be specific about whether you're talking about /b/ or not.


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