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In the 1980s, American NES players got everything three years after Japanese Famicom players. When the Soviet Union fell, Russians finally got their NES equivalent, the Dendy, from a company named Steepler. And they had no idea just how many of their beloved games were Chinese pirate cartridges.

The story can finally be told to the world by Dendy Chronicles. It starts with the Mario "franchise", over the course of three half-hour episodes. If your time is valuable, just watch #3 because your time is valuable and this one dives right into surreal Twilight Zone territory. #1 covers the original Mario trilogy, and how it was presented in Russia. Remember to click the CC button to turn on English subtitles.
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I watched a Cracked video discussion of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and realized something about its internationalization.

In the UK they were called "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles" because "Ninja" was a violent and subversive concept. However, they didn't bother to change "turtle", which in the UK refers only to sea turtles, to "tortoise".
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I checked to see if pruane2forever got the braces off or if his voice changed; no such luck.
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Internet legend Kibo once reviewed a movie called Mr. Magoo, in which Leslie Nielsen forgets what made him funny in Airplane!.

Years later, when he was in full-on clown mode, but too old to insure for a feature film, he made these commercials for Arizona Federal Credit Union.
  1. 1. I don't remember the cheerleaders being this hot when I went to Computer U.
  2. How many more ways could the director have underlined the "uh-oh" moment?
OK those were the only two I found online.
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You can now watch Religulous in its entirety on Google Video.
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If you're in hermit mode, watch this Zelda marathon for charity. They're on Ocarina of Time now and have doubled their original goal of $2000.
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So everyone knows you can stream Firefly episodes on Hulu, but Hulu only works in the USA, and has a habit of suggesting I'd get my chest waxed for a Klondikeā„¢ bar.

Are there any shady overseas video sites that stream it?

In other news, you can watch entire MST3K episodes on Google Video.
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Daniel Floyd has taken the Zero Punctuation animation format and remixed it into an interesting lecture series about video games and storytelling, sex, learning, and the Uncanny Valley.

Enjoy it now, before everyone starts ripping off Zero Punctuation and you get sick of the format.
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The Apple 1 couldn't do anything except display text and accept keyboard input. But these were two features every other microcomputer lacked at the time.

The next computer Steve Wozniak designed was the Apple 2, which may still be in use at your local high school.
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Oh, Billy Mays, is there a problem you can't solve?

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computers inspired by computers inspired by kittens inspired by kittens. I like the Internet again, for a little while.
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Dumb Dora is so dumb, she sent her cultured pearls to BLANK.
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I have a DVD called "Basic Football" that explains the rules of football. I think the intention of the DVD is for husbands to buy it for their football-illiterate wives. But it works on football-illiterate male programmers too.

I bought it as a curiosity, but now that the Cardinals are in the Super Bowl, it's now vital information.

I'm pretty sure everyone on my friends list already knows more about football than I do. But is there anyone who doesn't, and wants to take a look at the DVD?
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Monty Python has an official YouTube channel, following the lead of the Royal Family. Both of them have better-designed themes than Rick Astley's.

So I give you the opportunity to take a break and watch the superhero adventure, Bicycle Repair Man.

And for those of you who have already seen that one a few dozen times, here's a slightly rarer one, from their Hollywood Bowl appearance in 1980: Michelangelo and the Pope.
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A few months ago, I bought a VCR from a CVS pharmacy that was closing. I finally tried to hook it up tonight.

The good news is, it came with a free tape, probably the last security tape CVS pharmacy ever used. I hope it isn't just overnight footage of an empty store or something.

The bad news is, I couldn't hook it up, because for some reason, the video cable isn't a standard RCA cable, but some strange variation on coaxial cable, that's just different enough that it doesn't quite fit any of my cables. The audio, oddly enough, is standard RCA. I don't get it.

Does anyone even sell VHS players anymore? I still have home movies that need to be unloaded.
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There's been a little buzz about CNN guests that appeared "via hologram", using 35 high definition cameras, a bunch of computers and camera tracking software, and the end result had a low frame rate and a thick blue fringe. I imagine it's supposed to be less distracting than the typical split-screen. I'm not quite sold yet, having only seen the effect while watching in a crowded bar.

But two years ago, Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Howard Stern in the same manner. As far as I could tell, Stern wanted to appear on Kimmel's show, but has just done a circuit of talk shows in New York City, and didn't want to fly all the way to Los Angeles just to do one talk show. So they agreed to do it by satellite, and decided to rig up a green screen and try to make it look as much as possible like Stern was in studio. And they really sold it.

Please digg and reddit.


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