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In "The Riches", you get to hear how people would talk if they were allowed to say "shit" as often as they like, but never "fuck".

In "Battlestar Galactica", you get to hear how people would talk if they were allowed to say "fuck" if they said it wrong, and they never said any of the other six forbidden words.

I'm used to normal television, where people don't swear at all and just use cute euphemisms for everything. Or radio, where people are talking normally and then suddenly it's 30 seconds in the future and everyone's laughing and you have to guess what you missed.

And I can handle "frak" when it's just people screaming or being inarticulate to each other. "Clusterfrak" last night was a nice touch. But when it's a deep dramatic scene where Starbuck is trying to talk all slutty to her husband? Fuck that. I dare anyone, male or female, to use "frak" in bed.

I might have felt better about it if they'd kept the rest of the vocabulary from the 70's show. All the funky time measurements, and definitely "felgerkarb", because I find that "bullshit" is a much more useful word than "fuck" any day of the week.
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America can, will must, and should blow up the moon. (Edit: that's Sarah Silverman int he thumbnail, though her part is minor.)

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Met Walter Koenig and Wil Wheaton.

Saw the first act of "Star Trek: Of Gpds and Men" where all the Trek actors with nothing better to do show up. Not bad; effects and set design are spot on, but the script is a bit amateurish. I was surprised at how good the blooper real was.

I am running into a lot of friends.

I wish I had brought my copy of [livejournal.com profile] stacebass's Violet compilation to show around. There are other local cartoonists here, and I got some of their work to see how it stacks up. I gave one of them the URL to Violet Moore.

I have two hours to kill before Wil Wheaton does his reading. Am I a bad enough dude to mutilate a song in the karaoke room?
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DOUGLAS ADAMS!  Now that I have your attention:

First of all, the Royal Institute Christmas Lecture for Children, in 1991, was delivered by Richard Dawkins, at the point where people were over the controversy of "The Selfish Gene", and he hadn't become cranky enough to write "The God Delusion" yet.
Oxford professor Richard Dawkins presents a series of lectures on life, the universe, and our place in it. With brilliance and clarity, Dawkins unravels an educational gem that will mesmerize young and old alike.  Illuminating demonstrations, wildlife, virtual reality, and special guests (including Douglas Adams) all combine to make this collection atimeless classic.
  You can watch it here, and Episode 4 fis where Adams appears, in case you don't notice his giant face dominating the thumbnail for that episode.  I find the title of that segment even more tempting: "The Ultraviolet Garden".

BTW, I also just sent "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" back to Netflix today.  When I saw it in theaters, I called it a three-star movie.  The commentaries make it clear that I just didn't catch enough of the Douglas Adams spirit that was infused throughout the film.  I still think the love story was stapled on.

Also, I had no idea the "radio theme" was an Eagles song.
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If you want to revisit fantasy worlds with a dark, modern point of view, rent The 10th Kingdom on DVD instead.

And if you want to revisit the Wizard of Oz universe specifically, rent Return to Oz. I saw that one growing up; it was pretty good. It's a little steampunk, what with the wheel-guys and the new wind-up robot guy.

"The Outer Zone"? Surely that's not the best they could do. I guess they'd call it a "zone" considering a bunch of misfits can cross it on foot. And, key, best method of summoning flying monkeys ever!
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OK, how many times does this make it that someone's kidnapped McKay and made him do science for them? Ten? Twenty?

Haven't the message boards picked up on this a year ago?
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Forget about Enterprise vs Death Star.

Who would win in a space battle: the Boston flying saucer, or the Journey Escape ship?


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