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I was watching @midnight from Monday and they showed bits of that Red Cup Guy video I was already sick of and HOLY SHIT he brought a GUN as part of his little performance art piece?

I suppose I should be desensitized, with those open-carry people showing up after shootings, Oath Keepers showing up after riots, and way back in 2009 when the President of the United States couldn't hold a simple town hall meeting about health care, without people showing up with AR-15s. I shouldn't even know what an AR-15 is, dammit.

It seems like they want to remind us non-conservatives that we're a hair's breadth away from Kristallnacht, and they're only waiting on Ted Nugent to give the word.
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After the speech, the NBC coverage seemed to dwell on the "sixty years ago, couldn't be served in a local restaurant' part. So did NPR for just a moment, but not as long as NBC, who went on to interview a black schoolboy about what this means to him.

The guy on KTAR was harping about an alleged jab at white people at the end of the benediction, claiming that all the blogs were talking about it. The blogs he reads, anyway.

NPR has since moved on to what Obama said about relations with the Muslim world, and the Iraq war.
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The single best thing about today is that it will prove that the suitcase nuke doesn't exist.

What more tempting target could there possibly be than an incoming, popular president, surrounded by millions of Americans packed into a tight space, and a nation that has put a lot of emotional chips into this pot?
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There was a headline on Digg: Limbaugh: I Hope Obama Fails. OK, I've been baited.

In the article, he says that people were hoping Bush would fail, and that he hopes he fails specifically at nationalizing the banks, health care, and automobile industry. He didn't really say whether he hoped Obama's efforts to do this would fail, or whether he hoped that Obama's policies, once enacted, would fail. The former means he's championing his small-government position; the latter means he'd like to see the country in ruins just so he can gloat. And when determining which one he means, I must take into consideration that he wrote a book during the Clinton administration called "See, I Told You So."

He's truly the Uri Geller of politics. He can do four dime-store magic tricks, and he's convinced a few million people that he has supernatural powers. We can debunk him until we're all blue in the face, but he has an impenetrable shield of ad revenue.
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People today aren't as angry at Nixon as they used to be.


Nov. 4th, 2008 06:16 pm
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I've been pretending I don't want Obama to win any more than McCain.

That's because the reason I want Obama to win is entirely emotional. Obama makes me feel good. McCain does not. And also, most of my friends are even more invested in Obama than I am. All of them on Facebook.

And I also remember how good I felt about Clinton. And I feel like I'm not allowed to admit that I liked him, because he signed COPA and DMCA and gun laws, and he got a blow job. And my urge to point out that the blow job perjury charge was the result of a years-long witch hunt where they were looking for genuine financial malfeasance, and that the Bush administration has been getting off scot-free for much bigger ethical problems, well, I'll just start a debate that I can't win. I've fallen for the right-wing media's trick, and become self-conscious of "liberal bias", which especially pains me because just a few years ago, I'd drank the libertarian kool-aid.

But I want Obama to win. I think it'll be a good time to be alive. It'll feel different for a day or two.

I also want him to not kill my buzz by being a bad president. And I also want the Republicans to not kill my buzz by starting another years-long witch hunt, in which broad allegations of fraud are raised, but in the end all we find is grainy video of him peeing behind a billboard on a deserted stretch of I-5, for which he's added to the sex offender registry.

And whoever wins would REALLY kill my buzz if they turned out to be bad presidents, but that's less likely than anything else I've mentioned so far.
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When was the last time you looked up, and read a presidential candidate's speech from months ago before bed?

Not since Perot, I'd think. If we had YouTube, he and his charts would have been all over that.

Incidentally, Perot is still around, and still trying to save the country with charts. Thanks for not giving up, Ross.

But I felt compelled to look up Obama's speech on religion's place in politics, trying to figure out whether there's anything there pointing to him being a secret atheist. He does use the same examples that atheists like to use to "zing" the Bible, but his tone is much more supportive in religion in one's personal life.

I'd be sad to see the whole election go by, without hearing McCain deliver something that approaches that level of rhetoric. I think that, like Al Gore, he will experience a great unclenching once the other guy gets inaugurated. And I'm sure he'll be invited to the TED conference. But Gore's pet issues involved things that happen all over the planet, and McCain's seem to be about things that happen in Washington. Maybe that's the real reason he's not connecting with people as deeply.


Oct. 25th, 2008 08:46 am
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That "carved B" hoax lady? Probably not part of the campaign. Don't hold this against McCain.

It does kind of reinforce my fear of what crazies will come out of the woodwork if Obama pulls this off, or equivalent crazies on Obama's side if Obama loses with a double-digit lead in the polls.

I just hope I'm not one of them, too.
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My one complaint about this election? Not surreal enough. We need middle-aged actors reprising their roles as teenagers.

Twelve more days of this. My brain will melt out my ears.

This is the age of fan service.
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So, am I the only person who immediately stops listening to anyone who brings up ACORN, Ayers, or the middle name "Hussein"?

Probably not.

Has the McCain-supporting community at large figured this out yet?


Oct. 10th, 2008 04:07 pm
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Twitter listed "ACORN" as a hot political topic. I still don't know why, but I created the tinyURL http://tinyurl.com/acorn08 -- it leads to an acorn flour recipe that was on BoingBoing this week.

I linked to the BoingBoing post itself, instead of the recipe it linked to. I wonder if that's good or bad, because a lot of angry folks are going to click that link.
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Is it just me, or are all this year's ballot propositions horrible ideas?

Except maybe Prop 300, the pay raise from $24,000 to $30,000. It's been $23,000 since as long as I could remember.

But, hey, the fundies put another "no gay marriage" amendment on the ballot. Unfortunately, this will backfire on them, because now the liberals have to vote to keep it from passing, and while they're in there, they're going to vote for Obama.

I learned today that the libertarian Presidential candidate is responsible for some legislation against gay marriage. Is that even possible? Putting aside that it's against everything the libertarian party stands for, I figure the whole reason we want a third party is to get away from that kind of bull's hit.
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Someone finally cobbled together a Michael Palin for President video. It's only, what, a week after VPILF.com went live? But OK then.

What we need now is a counter-Michael Palin attack ad. That'll be easy to do, since one of Palin's strengths as a character actor was his ability to lie in an over-the-top transparent fashion. Off the top of my head, he played...
  • A barber that was clearly disturbed by the idea of cutting hair,
  • A pet shop owner that clearly sold John Cleese a dead parrot,
  • A smuggler that was clearly nowhere near Spain,
  • A legitimate businessman that clearly was not delivering a Chinese "watch" to a client around midnight.
  • A boarder at a bed and breakfast who was clearly Heinrich Himmler.
  • At least two characters, not named above, who let the wrong word slip out, only to punctuate it by covering his mouth and shouting "OH, WHAT A GIVEAWAY!"

I'm going to have to comb through a lot of DVD's to find all that.
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I remember hearing about the "Bridge to Nowhere" back when the whole Internet was making fun of Ted Stevens, possibly even earlier. The gist of it was that the island it was connecting to had only 50 residents.

So a while ago, I looked it up. According to Wikipedia, the bridge was slated to connect an Alaskan city to an airport named after that city, in order to replace a ferry service that runs every half hour. That doesn't really sound like "nowhere" to me, though perhaps not quite large enough to warrant a Brooklyn-scale bridge.

If you're of the mindset that this is the kind of thing the federal government should pay for, then it would suck if it turned out this was actually exactly what that community's economy needed, and it's singled out for not being built because it's a symbol of corruption. But, I'm of the mindset that I live in Arizona and some of that money belonged to me. It's still food for thought.
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All this politics is making me a little scared. Even the political humor.

Whether you're trying to get elected, promoting a business, or even trying to attract a mate, it seems the most reliable ways are to instill deep feelings of dread in someone to make them exploitable.

Except, in the case of politics, there's another side to the dread; it's engineered to keep people quiet, or at least to turn their shouting into so much pissing in the wind.

RNC post #2

Sep. 3rd, 2008 07:23 pm
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Giuliani is the first speaker that's making me almost think a McCain presidency wouldn't be so bad, or rather that we're equally screwed either way.

At least until he started using Sarah Palin to mock Obama's imagined mockery.

And also, talking about completely different kinds of freedom than the kinds I'm interested in.

BRB dubyette.


Sep. 3rd, 2008 06:38 pm
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Mike Huckabee told the story about the class with the missing desks, and how the children had to earn their desks, in order to teach them that it's the veterans that earned it for them. Fwd: Re: FW: Fwd: FW: LOL GLURGE!

If he were serious about the Republicans' small government message, Huckabee would know that the desk was actually "earned" through tax money taken from their parents.

Good speaker, despite the glurge. I'm glad he didn't get nominated, because he's the one who might have been able to keep up with Obama in oratory.
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First of all, asking what the Vice President does every day is NOT a stupid question, unless I'm the last person to notice a long streak of votes in the Senate that ended in ties. If that were true, we'd be hearing about all the ties Cheney broke over the last eight years.

With that in mind, she'll probably have more time to raise her family as Vice President than she would as governor of Alaska.

Also, we owe her a debt of gratitude for distracting us before we got Obama fatigue.


Aug. 29th, 2008 11:12 pm
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update: to be fair, I stole this off reddit.
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Last week I got a phone call from a woman with a thick Indian accent, taking a political survey. So I listened, and I answered questions, and they seemed to be mostly about name recognition and party affiliation and so forth. It seemed legit. Then she started reading paragraphs about how horrible Susan Bitter Smith is, and asked whether it would make me more or less likely to vote a certain way. PUSH POLL!

I also find it very eerie that Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorses political candidates on TV.

There are some ads on TV for, of all things, Corporation Commission. It's the first time I've had the slightest clue about anyone running for that office, except the one time I tried to read the Clean Elections Campaign booklet they mail out, and forgot everything I learned from it. They say that there are three people you're supposed to vote in, and we'll have all the solar power we can eat.


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