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Letting my cordless drill charge overnight.

Tomorrow I'm going to hang the shit out of this LACK wall shelf.
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whee I'm escaping my problems with distraction.

This EXPEDIT shelving unit is all put together now. Doesn't look quite as good as I'd hoped; maybe I need more lighting after all.

Actually, I had promised myself I would, as an exercise in improving my life in a measurable way, go on craigslist and look for apartments and jobs in other cities, just to get a feel for what's out there. I looked up apartments in Portland but nothing else.
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The day part is confidential. It's all work and doctors.

The evening part consisted of me getting a ride from [livejournal.com profile] tamtrible to IKEA where I got a new shelf unit with which I hope to fix the second worst corner of my apartment, and various other stuff, and about $20 worth of food from the grocery store.

The shelf is half-assembled because it's too late to hammer, but I'll finish it tomorrow.

There weren't a lot of people at IKEA. In fact, starting in February, the restaurant closes at 7. That's a shame.

It's been a good evening.
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Every budget-minded bachelor should know about POÄNG, IKEA's wood-framed armchair for the budget-minded. For $89, you get a frame and a cushion. If you have more to spend, you can either upgrade the cushion to something fancier, or buy a matching footstool, or both.

I went there over the weekend and found out there's a new, cheaper option called PELLO, which is a white cushion on a birch effect frame. I actually couldn't tell the difference between the PELLO and a POÄNG with the same colors.

That's a little sad because my own POÄNG is white on birch, to match the rest of my living room. But I originally had the black cushions. And I like the idea that if I bought a black EKTORP slipcover for $100, I can transform my entire living room's color scheme in just a few minutes.

Ikea run

Jan. 11th, 2008 07:49 pm
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Cool things I noticed at IKEA tonight:

1. Things made of little squares of cowhide, including POÄNG chairs.
2. Those EXPEDIT shelves with the many little boxes? Those now come with a desk attached.
3. In the bed section, there is this green bedsheet with 5x5 pixel random hieroglyphics all over it. They almost look like Japanese letters but not quite. I imagine it would be hard to sleep when faced wirh such a cryptographic puzzle every night.
4. Rather than fix my crappy bedframe, I can get a MIDSUND for $229.
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The Real World: IKEA

Pros: It's in an IKEA. And much like that that video with the ET cartridges, it addresses a fantasy I've always had, but knew to be impossible.

Cons: Hokey hidden camera prank premise. "Let's go somewhere and act like assholes! ZOMG we got kicked out!" If it didn't work for Mega64, it probably won't work for you.

I notice that every Real World parody since 1996 seems to have a cowboy character, and an offended black man character. This surprises me, because I remember those characters from season two(!) of The Real World, which I watched back in the mid-90's at my parents' house. Have similar characters been a part of the show every season since then, or was season 2 really that memorable?
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I have a big plastic cone mounted on the wall next to my front door. When I get home, after I hang up my hat and keys, the second thing I do is to put my other stuff in the cone. In the winter, it's my gloves and scarf. In summer, it's my sunscreen and maybe a paper fan. There's also room for my watch and wristband and iPod.

A simple, elegant device like this deserves a simple, elegant name: the IKEA PS HOFORS.

Sadly, they're discontinuing the IKEA PS HOFORS. But if you want one, you can find a huge pile of them in the AS-IS section, in the leftmost bin just to the left of the entrance. 49 cents each. Get two.


Jan. 15th, 2007 11:45 pm
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I stumbled upon what appears to be the home page for something called IKEA PS.  Now, I've been in IKEA lots of times, and noticed a lot of products named IKEA PS; usually they're storage boxes made of sheet metal, and I always wondered what that meant.  I still wonder, but now I know it's not just for sheet metal storage.

Unfortunately, it's got a Flash interface, so I can't link to the really interesting stuff.  I'll try and link to the products in the real catalog...

IKEA PS ELLAN was essentially stolen from Homer Simpson; it's a chair that can be leaned back safely, but its solution doesn't lie in the addition of extra legs, thus IKEA dodges Simpson's patent.

IKEA PS FÅRÖ (no longer in the master product list) was an easy chair that has many advantages over the POÄNG chair I bought.  For one, it's got more diacritical marks in its name.  Also, since it has a net instead of fabric, it'd breathe better in summer.  For all I know, it's even easier to take a nap in.  I wish I'd had a chance to try it.  Likewise, IKEA PS BOASTAD might have made a better living room table than the nested POÄNG tables I bought, since it can act as a TV tray for multiple guests.  I've had guests over before, but they've never eaten in my dining room.

IKEA PS HOFORS are made of diapers.  Pre-consumer waste diapers, of course, as not even Japan has a separate recycle bin for diapers.  They're paper cones you attach to the wall and can throw your gloves and stuff in.  I really need a few of those.  I wish I could replace that awkward radial hat rack with an IKEA PS DUVHULT, which is a shelf with six giant bamboo skewers shooting out the top, but they stopped making it.

IKEA PS JORDBRO looks like an old-school Cylon's head when it's wide-side down.

My favorite one, however, is another discontinued item called IKEA PS ENKÖPING.  It's a kitchen table for lonely people in tiny apartments.  It folds down from the wall, revealing a little shelf-table big enough for your single serving, and a poster frame containing one of four pictures, one of which is an imaginary dinner companion.  I'm not making that up, there's even a video explanation by the designer if you can find it.


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