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the DCPU-16 keyboard doesn't seem very well thought out... either that or it's another emulator bug.

in other news, I really should be running but I've lost sight of why it would benefit me... maybe I'll push myself out the door this evening again...
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there's the Epic Win App for iPod Touch. I bought it a while ago, back when I had a 32GB iPod Touch. I'm not usually one for gamification, but it did add a tiny bit of satisfaction to my C25K attempt. It may have been the reason I stuck with it a lot better than I've been this year. Last year I ran at least twice a week until I messed up my foot. This year I haven't run in two weeks, and then I gave up 15 minutes in. I'll have to restart at week 3 at this rate.

one problem is that it won't let me pick a bigger font, like some apps do. so, that's discouraging.

The Nerdist Way suggests a pen-and-paper version of this. Chris Hardwick is not responsible for advice not taken.
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ok, I slacked a bit too long and today's run didn't go quite as smoothly. but if I do it again thursday, I expect it'll be easier.

I'm at the weird point where my motived aren't as clear as they were when I started.

also, my experiment of laying off the vending machine candy is being complicated by the big jar of free peanut M&Ms that just appeared in a neighboring cubicle. and a few birthday cakes.

well, as long as I'm reducing my excess. I think the exercise is starting to pay off because I bought size 38 jeans over the weekend and they fit; no more 40s for me.
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The hardest part of the 5-minute runs is not so much running out of breath, but boredom.

but just think, in March I'll be running a 5K.

Even now, I'm noticing the occasional benefit. If I have to run across the street to catch a bus, I don't get winded.
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well, after about six weeks of running three times a week, and a week of slacking off, I've entered week 4 of the couch-to-5k program.

I'm having as much trouble with the 5-minute runs as I originally did with the 3-minute runs; let's see if I push through any quicker now that the troublesome left foot is feeling better.

I wonder if there'll be a 5k race coinciding with the time I'm ready to run one. And I wonder if anyone will be waiting for me at the finish line. Hell, I wonder if I'll even be able to get a ride there.
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The doctor says my foot is healing, just a little slowly, and despite the running, so I can continue. I'll still be taking it slow.

I'm in the middle of my fifth week, but I'll be repeating week 3 of the couch-to-5k program, until I can complete all four runs without stopping.

in other news, I saw Hung Dynasty last weekend and it was even better than last time I saw them which was incredible. but they do not play every weekend, so I shall be seeking out other live music events nearby.
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note to self: remembering to run is good, but remembering to wear your night splints to bed would be good too, especially the night after a run. kthx
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boy, have I been lethargic lately. Apart from the time I spent at Rocky, I've had no energy all week. Getting out of bed is more difficult every day.

I took the bus Monday and telecommuted today, so maybe I should probably also ride my bike to work again, despite the heat. Maybe I need that activity to get me going every day. And the bus trip Monday was wrought with poor timing both ways.

Of course, that thought makes my current decision more difficult: after all, I'm moving next door to work for the convenience, but I'd be giving up a great source of exercise, albeit one that comes with the danger of rush hour traffic, and the routine of showering at work.

Also, I didn't socialize that whole work week, unless you count IRC, or the manicure I got after my dentist appointment Thursday. That lady offered to introduce me to some Asian women. I gave her my phone number.
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It's five days since my ankle problem. It's a little tender, but I don't notice it at all when I'm walking around. And I did a lot of walking around yesterday.

I'm tempted to hit the exercise machines again tomorrow, except for some reason I can't force myself to go to bed before 2am because of the long weekend... curses.

I wouldn't say there's an endorphine rush that can be described as a "runner's high", at least not that I notice... but it really took the edge off a bad day.
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There's a 5K run coming up this fall. I'd like to run it, not walk it.

I just ellipticalled 3.4 miles in 45 minutes. Is that good?

A six-mile bike commute to work is probably giving me a head start over where I would have been six years ago.

The first time I did a 5K, I walked it. It must have been two years ago. And while I didn't have the lungs to run very much of it, I did have the stamina to, when the race was concluded, walk from the site on Papago Park, to Cafe Lalibela, which had to be another five kilometers away at least.
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BTW, seeing Real Genius isn't all I did last night.

I went to the weight room for the second day in a row this time.

I wonder if it's a bad idea to do that two days in a row, because my doctor did tell me that the muscles need time to heal. And my neck felt kind of wobbly and achy and delicate for a few minutes afterwards, but I feel OK now.

Maybe I'll just turn this into a daily thing.
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It's been a stressful week, at work and home alike.

My back's all tweaked out right now, in that muscle stress sort of way, so I've stayed in bed all morning.

I remember what [livejournal.com profile] stacebass told me about lifting weights helping with back pain, and I haven't been to the weight machines since Tuesday, so I'm going down there now.
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There are two machines that seem to cover the same muscle group, one of them's the Vertical Butterfly Press and this other one I've forgotten about. So I last night, I switched off between the two for about 20 minutes last night, taking a break in the middle for a couple of leg machines, just to keep my non-biking muscles up to speed. But, that makes three times in the last six days.

My goal, or at least my level-up point, is to be able to do 25 of anything at 100 pounds, except for leg presses, because Pat Robertson can leg press a zillion pounds, so who cares.
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I need some incentive to go to the gym more than once a week.

It's really just the fitness room at my apartment complex, so it's not like distance or money is any problem. I do weights there, considering I ride the bike for 6 miles a day for cardio. My strategy is mostly to do 20 whatevers each at five or six random machines. I haven't learned what any of them are called, or measured the weight I'm selecting.

I thought of the usual ideas like I'd promise to post a picture with my shirt off in some set amount of time, or I'd reward myself with something. Somehow these ideas don't ring.

Ideas, anyone?


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