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Some Comicon-like event was going on but the MST3K cast were displaced to some large hotel building. And that building's elevators were going on a murder spree somehow

later, I was trying to tie my skates and it took so long the skate was over.

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last night's dream: for some reason I was in jail with Penn & Teller. Except not really jail, just a place I wasn't allowed to leave and I didn't know why anyone was there, and there were families there and everything. I didn't make the connection until just now that I had watched the documentary "To Be Takei" the previous night, where George Takei detailed his story of growing up in an internment camp during World War 2.
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did a lot of dreaming. Did a lot of thinking while dreaming.

In fact, I pondered the nature of consciousness while I was unconscious.

I grieved for lost friends. So many lost friends.
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Some more memories of the dream surfaced though. There are still so many gaps that it would be tedious to try to coax a narrative out of it... so here's just bits I remember in no order at all:
  • team trivia at a new place where nobody showed up, so I left and came back and [livejournal.com profile] jecooksubether, whom IRL I haven't seen in five years, was there.
  • somewhere near my old office, a gigantic video arcade was opening up. IRL, I no longer live nor work in that area but awesome things are being built. Also in my real neighborhood, endgame opened which would be awesome if I were still an active gamer.
  • found myself in a home full of strangers. they had cats. including some super tiny kittens that were hiding in the stairs. I made friends with them but didn't learn their names or memorize their address so I could come back.
now I'm awake and it's 9:30 maybe breakfast can happen now....
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Last night I had one of those back-to-normal dreams... except as it turns out, I'd been sneaking into work and volunteering every so often over the last two months, and I was afraid of getting caught.

weird, eh?

Also, the office was expansive and brightly lit -- probably because it's better lit than my house and the office I interviewed at last week -- even though by most standards, many parts of it are poorly lit.

In real life, I spent a bit of time trying to imagine how to rearrange my furniture, or what kind of lights I would need to buy, to make my house a little more conducive to staying awake in.... maybe more pendant lights?
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Last night I dreamed that I massively wounded my right arm, such that the whole forearm was covered in massive bruises, and the elbow was reduced to the tiniest connecting strip of flesh. Since it was a dream, there wasn't any blood or pain or anything, or any alarm by anyone who saw it. I remember having to keep it in a certain raised position to keep it from falling off or something. And I took a bunch of buses to the hospital.

considering the job leads I've been getting so far, I'm going to have to take two buses to get to work every day. that will be sad. this light rail adjacent house isn't paying off at all.
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Hadn't remembered a dream in a while. This one had a lot of stuff from previous dreams: airports, ownership of strange houses, bathrooms in unexpected places.

In the airport part, I was at a gate and realized I hadn't printed my boarding pass. I started looking for a place to check in, someone told me I had to go outside the security gate, and when I asked if there was a way to not do that, I was directed to a really narrow hallway with an elevator. I called the elevator, and stepped in, and I thought I was in a bathroom but no, the elevator is next to it and there's no wall. I pressed the third floor, my other hand got stuck in a way that was dangerous now that my unprotected elevator was moving past the floors... but I got it loose before it got pinched off. I didn't print anything but I did end up in a parking lot.

In the strange house department, I thought that I had bought the house of a dead relative in Western New York. I wanted to sell it because I can't pay two mortgages right now. Also, I was walking through a neighborhood, thought I recognized an old friend's house, I knocked and the door was open, I walked in and called, I walked out and it looked to have a lot of tables and chairs out back. maybe this was a school or something, and someone forgot to lock up, so I left.

if dreams are diagnostic at all, maybe this one just means I'm past the meta-funk that consumed me the last week, and I'm back to my normal rut.
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dream: was in portland, could have gone to london but didn't.

Went to a grocery store looking for fruit that was in season in Portland but not here, but deemed it too exotic and I wanted to put it back.

walking down the street it seemed like every public place had different music playing

I'm going to be having a lot of dreams as my brain re-sorts itself to the new reality.
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Last night's dream was a bit different.  At first, just typical random stuff: exploring a new city, then playing Rocksmith, but in public at like an Internet cafe or something.  But then I realized I was naked in public.  Normally what happens is I go about my business and everyone pretends to ignore it.

But this time I typed SYS64738 and reset everything, as if my dream were a Commodore 64.

So I found myself in a small apartment, with the sense that things won't start existing until I look at them, so I decide that there is indeed a Commodore 64 to my right, before I look to my right, and it shows up in tablet PC form.  Never know when I might need to reset again.

I decide I can leave and start lucid dreaming.  I go out into the city and walk around, and before I can really try summoning things it fades out.
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OK, this was a weird alternate-apartment dream. I don't think I lived there but was somehow able to explore.

The buildings were broken up into little hallways with three apartments each. One was a small room with a bed on one side and storage on the other, practically a jail cell. The other two were larger but oddly shaped. And they didn't lock from the hallway; you had to enter a code at the exterior door to enter. And the keypad was removable. And I don't know why but I removed at least one. And found others scattered about, and realized that this was bad as I noticed tenants trying to figure out how to get into a building... there was some backup thing so they got in, but still.

at first I wondered where my brain would invent such a crazy apartment building, but I realized that the Sky Song apartments have one lock you have to get through to enter the complex, at which point you get into some of the apartments through a hallway. But those are luxury apartments.

But the rise of all these luxury apartments are possibly a symptom of how working people are being priced out of the ability to live anywhere. The number of professions where people can afford a fancy apartment is shrinking rapidly.
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Last night's dream was not just a "new apartment" dream, but it was a "reminisce about old fictional apartments" dream, with a dusting of "pet I forgot I had".

In it, I had moved into a new town, though my parents were nearby. I had a dog and I was worried because I only remember ever having fed cats. The layout was split-level and probably could have made a decent coffee shop downstairs, in the way that those houses you walk through in downtown Phoenix's First Friday kind of have that ambiguous youth hostel vibe. The view outside wasn't good... I remembered it being better in previous apartments. But which ones?
  • One of my dream-apartments I remembered as having a view of a waterfront, or a nice bay with sailboats. The closest real-life equivalent was my apartment at the Lakes (2007-2009), where if I walked across the parking lot there was a man-made lake with real ducks hanging out. The courtyard outside my window was lush and filled with trees.
  • I remembered a more barren setting, an apartment that was up a mountain and kind of isolated from anything. In real life, this might have represented those two different apartments on 48th and Baseline (2000-2007), which I got because I could walk to the old office that was right up against South Mountain.
  • Recurring themes in my dream dwellings have included:
    • Extra space, often lots of it.
    • Still having access to the last place I lived, sometimes with enough stuff that maybe I could just stay there.
    • My parents and brother living there too.
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had a dream that someone dropped me off at some crazy budget apartment. Rows of stalls with a tiny kitchen and some chairs. I thought it was a homeless shelter but someone approached me about paying for my stall in advance -- I surmised it was a rental property for people with bad credit or something.

why was I staying there? who even dropped me off there? and why were all the buildings inside a giant warehouse?

I remember being questioned by some kind of census-taker. It felt important to establish my American citizenship to him.
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I had a dream that someone knocked on my door.  Someone asked for me by name, and I affirmed my identity, and someone else took a picture of me and they ran back to a car.  I caught up to them before they could drive off, I don't remember how my interrogation went, but there were five of them in the car, so a physical confrontation wasn't a good idea.  so I wedged the driver side door open so I could at lest get their license plate number before they drove off and did god-knows-what with my name and address.  I remember seeing six letters a nd coming up with a mnemonic device to remember them all.

I suspected they were internet trolls... probably going to dox me on Encyclopedia Dramatica or something.

I thought of calling Larry for advice, or of changing my passwords, but I was too depressed to do either.

and then the next day something pulled into my driveway and I got out to see what it was and it was a delivery to a church that was next door, in the dream version of the neighborhood.

nothing else happened.

but basically I've been hanging out in too many of the Anonymous-infested parts of the Internet, where losers nurture their hatred of other losers, and where a lot of the culture is based entirely on annoying people.  The randomized content is probably setting off an addictive process of some kind, but the culture is terrible and I need to find something else.

there's got to be something better
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ok, highlights of last night's dream include:

  • doing some last-minute project at work but then realizing I put all the text in Esperanto and I'll have to change it back

  • trying to find some hipster restaurant in order to prevent a crime, but my phone's map keeps rotating in weird ways

  • i finally find it and I think I recognize someone in the promotional video they were showing.

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every so often my dwelling-changing dream has a specific plot twist: that I'm living in one place while paying rent on another place, and I have to figure out how to shed one obligation.

I woke up this morning and couldn't really move much for a while.

when I got to work I installed some apps that would help me when I got home, a to-do list mostly... has a nice big font.

ever lose the will to type in mid-sentence?  that just happened above.
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dream last night:

more travel and houses and hotels and big events where I might meet people if I pay attention...

My cats are often in my dreams.  And this time there were mice.  Mice and mouse-sized dogs.  Weird.
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another airports, cities and apartments dream.

This time Trible and John were with me in the airport.

The city was Seattle and I went on a light rail there but it went through some alleyway where there was a bunch of stuff obstructing the rails.  at one point the train stopped and I went ahead of it and cleared the tracks.

I was out walking the streets with mismatched shoes.  My left shoe was a normal slip-on type that was fine when I put my heel into it.  My right shoe was someone else's high heel shoe.  I broke the heel off but it was still too small so I just hung it off my toe and moved on.

MADCAP theater had been reopened and was showing X-Men 2 and something else I didn't want to watch and they were trying to sell DVDs.

I think I'm dreaming about things in my life I've been neglecting: travel and movies...
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in last night's dream, I had a third kitten I'd forgotten about, an orange one that had been gone so long, she went full feral and hostile.

Even before these kittens, I had dreams that I had a pet, with the fear that I'd forgotten about them, much in the same way when I dreamed of being in school, I'd show up having forgotten to attend class for most of the year.

Now I suppose they're replaced with extra cat dreams.
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Been sick for a few days.  I woke up with no congestion this morning.  I hope that lasts.

Last night's dream involved teeth falling out.
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how'd I dream this?

I had a dream that I forgot where I lived and was worried that I was paying two mortgages.

Also, my parents and I went somewhere, and I talked to some other people, and they paged me on the PA system but I couldn't find a paging phone and I couldn't find someone to help me find one.  When I started shouting, what I said echoed over the PA system; nobody noticed.  This must be from hen I was setting up a mumble server yesterday morning.

there were a lot of details I've forgotten.


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